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Wei Song

M.D. of Public Health, Shenyang Medical College

Master of Acupuncture, New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine


My name is Wei Song. I am a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist,

I grew up in China in a medical family. My mother is a western medical doctor, and my father is a Traditional Chinese Medicine physician who dedicated his entire life researching and practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine. My appreciation for Chinese Medicine came many years later in my life. I graduated from Medical School in China focusing on western medicine, and then came to USA to study biochemistry and molecular biology. The turning point for my career came while working in a Physical Therapy Clinic in Westchester. I have witnessed how my parents helped their numerous patients with the most effective combination of western technology and Traditional Chinese Medicine methodology when growing up. Their holistic approach to human wellness is a lifelong inspiration to me. I start to realize how much I can help my patients if I could share with them what I inherited naturally from my family. 


I have recently opened my Acupuncture Clinic in Yorktown, NY, where I have lived for more than a decade and come to love the town and people.


We offer free seminar in our clinic. It is a no-obligation, hassle free way to come in to meet with us and see the clinicseminar schedule.

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